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Enabling Platform for Broad Applications

The basis of NeuCyte’s technology is the proprietary methods for producing SynFire® cells. These high quality human neural cells, SynFire iNs (induced neurons), are generated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using a patented procedure for direct reprogramming, which is developed from a technology exclusively licensed from Stanford University.

NeuCyte manufactures and cryo-preserves large lots of homogenous populations of multiple neuronal subtypes. When thawed, the cells can be mixed and matched, giving researchers the ultimate flexibility to study a single cell type or co-culture environments consisting of mixed human neuronal subtypes and astroglia.

SynFire iNs exhibit the main characteristics of human primary neurons, such as espresso of typical pan-neuronal markers and complex electrophysiology, including spontaneous/evoked action potentials and synchronized network activity. Neuronal subtype identities have been confirmed by staining and patch clamping.


SynFire iNs are suitable for a variety of functional assays. For example, the effect of compounds on neuronal survival, axonal outgrowth, or dendritic arborization can be measured by standard assessment of viability, or image-based analysis of labeled cells, respectively. When co-cultured with glial cells, effects on synapse formation and composition, transcriptional programs, and electrophysiology can be tested. Neuronal subtypes can be mixed in different ratios for making a defined co-culture for different experimental purposes.

Product Development Pipeline

NeuCyte currently offers SynFire Glutamatergic excitatory neurons and GABAergic inhibitory neurons. We are in the process of developing other neuron types and other neural cell types. The team is optimizing protocols for producing these iNs to the best quality in a reproducible manner. We continue to develop new products that help get our technology into the hands of more scientists.

Check back with us from time to time to find out about our new products.

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