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Development of Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) Assay for Phenotypic Drug Screening

      J Kammonen, S Williams, L Butler, D Magnani,  J Anton, C Mansat-Bhattacharyya, G Gulbahce, R Burley, O Fedorenko, M Iovino, Charles             River, UK

Development of iPSC-derived Alzheimer Disease (AD) platforms for phenotypic screening

      A Murchison, P Zhou, C Noel, D Haag, J Wu, T Huang, and W Poon, NeuCyte, Inc., CA

Characterization of an in vitro synaptic propagation assay using iPSC-derived neurons and multiwell microelectrode array technology

      D Millard, D Sullivan, H Hayes, Axion BioSystems, GA

The electrophysiological responses to antibacterial drug in human iPSC-derived neurons demonstrate the claissification of antibacterial drugs encephalopathy in clinical

      Y Ishinashi, K Ogawa, and I Suzuki, Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan

Establishing an In Vitro Assay for Predicting Neurotoxicity Risks Using Functional Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

      H Liu, W Zhong, L Saavedra, T Portmann, J Davila, D Haag, and T Huang, NeuCyte Inc., CA


In Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing Using Functional Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

      H Liu1, L Saavedra1, K Wallace2, T Freudenrich2, T Portmann1, J Davila1, TJ Shafer2, M Wernig3, and D Haag1
          1 NeuCyte Inc., CA, 2 US EPA, 3 Stanford University, CA

Development of a Fully Defined, Synaptically Competent iPSC-Derived Neuronal Platform for Drug Discovery

      L Saavedra, V Dang, A Fua, and J Davila, and D Haag, NeuCyte Inc., CA

New iPSC-Based Neural In Vitro Approach for Seizure Liability Testing

      L Saavedra, A Fua, V Dang, J Davila, and D Haag, NeuCyte Inc., CA

Comparison of Acute Effects of Neurotoxic Compounds in Neural Networks from Rodent and Human Neurons Using Microelectrode Arrays

      T Freudenrich1, K Wallace1, D Haag2, L Saavedra2, M Mall2 , WR Mundy1, J Davila2, TC Südhof3, M Wernig2, and TJ Shafer1
          1 US EPA, Stanford University, CA

Application of Patient Generated iPSCs-Derived Neurons to Define the Pathophysiology of FXS Neurons

      S Botelho , L Saavedra, A Fua, T Huang, J Dávila, D Haag, V Dang, NeuCyte Inc., CA

Comparison of Acute Effects of Neurotoxic Compounds on Network Activity in Human and Rodent Neural Cultures

      L Saavedra2,4, K Wallace1, T Freudenrich1, M Mall2, W Mundy1, J Davila2,4, T Südhof3, T Shafer1, M Wernig2, and D Haag2,4
        1US EPA, Stanford University, CA, Stanford University, CA, 4 NeuCyte Inc., CA

Functional Characterization of Neural Network Activity in Human iPSC-Derived Neuron/Glial Co-cultures

      T Molla, C Lee, P Zhou, W Zhong, L Saavedra, J Dávila and D Haag,  NeuCyte Inc., CA