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Relevant Publications

Added in 2022

Added in 2022

Added in 2022

Added in 2022

1. Ishibashi, Y. et al, Responses to antibiotics in human iPSC-derived neurons based on the clinical antibiotic associated encephalopathy classification. J. Toxicol. Sci., 2022 


​2. Pediaditakis, I., et al., A Microengineered Brain-Chip to Model Neuroinflammation in Humans. iSCIENCE, 2022

3. TCW, J., et. al. Cholesterol and matrisome pathways dysregulated in astrocytes and microglia. Cell, 2022


4. Zaer, H., et. al. Non-Ablative Doses of Focal Ionizing Radiation Alters Function of Central Neural Circuits. Brain Stimulation, 2022


5. Saavedra, L., et. al. Comparison of Acute Effects of Neurotoxic Compounds on Network Activity in Human and Rodent Neural Cultures. Toxicol Sci., 2021


6. Tukker, A., et. al. Towards Animal-Free Neurotoxicity Screening: Applicability of hiPSC-Derived Neuronal Models for In Vitro Seizure Liability Assessment. ALTEX, 2020


7. Soscia, D. et al. A flexible 3-dementional micro electrode array for in vitro brain models. Lab Chip, 2020


​8. Zhang, Y. et al. Rapid single-step induction of functional neurons from human pluripotent stem cells. Neuron, 2013


9. Yang, N et al. Generation of pure GABAergic neurons by transcription factor programming. Nat Methods, 2017


​10. Pak, C. et al. Human Neuropsychiatric Disease Modeling using Conditional Deletion Reveals Synaptic Transmission Defects Caused by Heterozygous Mutations in NRXN1. Cell Stem Cell, 2015


11. Yi, F. et al. Autism-associated SHANK3 haploinsufficiency causes Ih channelopathy in human neurons. Science, 2016


Added in 2022

Added in 2022

Development of Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) Assay for Phenotypic Drug Screening

      J Kammonen, S Williams, L Butler, D Magnani,  J Anton, C Mansat-Bhattacharyya, G Gulbahce, R Burley, O Fedorenko, M Iovino, Charles          River, UK

Development of iPSC-derived Alzheimer Disease (AD) platforms for phenotypic screening

      A Murchison, P Zhou, C Noel, D Haag, J Wu, T Huang, and W Poon, NeuCyte, Inc., CA

Characterization of an in vitro synaptic propagation assay using iPSC-derived neurons and multiwell microelectrode array technology

      D Millard, D Sullivan, H Hayes, Axion BioSystems, GA

The electrophysiological responses to antibacterial drug in human iPSC-derived neurons demonstrate the claissification of antibacterial drugs encephalopathy in clinical

      Y Ishinashi, K Ogawa, and I Suzuki, Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan

Establishing an In Vitro Assay for Predicting Neurotoxicity Risks Using Functional Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

      H Liu, W Zhong, L Saavedra, T Portmann, J Davila, D Haag, and T Huang, NeuCyte Inc., CA


In Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing Using Functional Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

      H Liu1, L Saavedra1, K Wallace2, T Freudenrich2, T Portmann1, J Davila1, TJ Shafer2, M Wernig3, and D Haag1
          1 NeuCyte Inc., CA, 2 US EPA, 3 Stanford University, CA

Development of a Fully Defined, Synaptically Competent iPSC-Derived Neuronal Platform for Drug Discovery

      L Saavedra, V Dang, A Fua, and J Davila, and D Haag, NeuCyte Inc., CA

New iPSC-Based Neural In Vitro Approach for Seizure Liability Testing

      L Saavedra, A Fua, V Dang, J Davila, and D Haag, NeuCyte Inc., CA

Comparison of Acute Effects of Neurotoxic Compounds in Neural Networks from Rodent and Human Neurons Using Microelectrode Arrays

      T Freudenrich1, K Wallace1, D Haag2, L Saavedra2, M Mall2 , WR Mundy1, J Davila2, TC Südhof3, M Wernig2, and TJ Shafer1
          1 US EPA, Stanford University, CA

Application of Patient Generated iPSCs-Derived Neurons to Define the Pathophysiology of FXS Neurons

      S Botelho , L Saavedra, A Fua, T Huang, J Dávila, D Haag, V Dang, NeuCyte Inc., CA

Comparison of Acute Effects of Neurotoxic Compounds on Network Activity in Human and Rodent Neural Cultures

      L Saavedra2,4, K Wallace1, T Freudenrich1, M Mall2, W Mundy1, J Davila2,4, T Südhof3, T Shafer1, M Wernig2, and D Haag2,4
        1US EPA, Stanford University, CA, Stanford University, CA, 4 NeuCyte Inc., CA

Functional Characterization of Neural Network Activity in Human iPSC-Derived Neuron/Glial Co-cultures

      T Molla, C Lee, P Zhou, W Zhong, L Saavedra, J Dávila and D Haag,  NeuCyte Inc., CA

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