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Getting Translatable Neuroscience to Your Hands

NeuCyte Laboratories is the product and service division of NeuCyte. NeuCyte Labs offers iPSC-derived induced neural cells, and drug discovery and CNS safety assessment services.

Here is what NeuCyte Labs offers:

Highly functional products


NeuCyte provides pure and ready-to-use iPSC-derived glutamatergic or GABAergic induced neurons (iNs) and astroglia. This platform most closely resembles real human neurobiology observed in primary cultures, providing the ability to effectively study the function of human neurons in vitro.

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Extensive neuroscience expertise

NeuCyte has put together an outstanding scientific team. Our extensive knowledge of the biology behind human neurological disorders allows us to introduce advancements in in vitro disease modeling, particularly for phenotypic and target-based drug screens. As our client, you always work directly with the neuroscientists who developed our technology platform, with no barrier in between.


Our versatile in vitro cell system is suitable for compound screening and nonclinical neurotoxicity-based safety assessment for drugs and environmental chemicals. Our goal is to support our clients’ needs using our technology platform. We always start with the questions you are trying to answer and design our work around your project.

Personalized approach towards each client and each project

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