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Build Your Reliable Predictive System
with Highly Functional SynFire® iNs

NeuCyte provides SynFire iNs, which are pure, ready-to-use induced human pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived neurons. The different neuronal subtypes include Glutamatergic excitatory iNs, GABAergic inhibitory iNs and astroglia. Such neuronal subtype identities have been well characterized by a comprehensive set of functional assays.

SynFire Neurons and Astroglia can be purchased individually or as kits for co-culture and MEA studies. Various pack sizes and kit configurations are available. We can also customize kit configurations for you.

For detailed ordering information, please review our User Guide

Advantages of SynFire iNs include:

Real human biology: these cells closely resemble real human biology, resulting in better ability to predict responses to compounds.


Rapid maturation: produced through a direct reprogramming approach leading to rapid and homogeneous maturation, SynFire iNs exhibit mature synaptic network activity, such as synchronous bursting phenotypes resembling those in rodent primary cultures appearing within three to four weeks.

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Reliable, robust and ready-to-use:

this reprogramming approach also results in lot-to-lot consistency, providing reproducible results.

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Flexible modular system: The user can control subtype to subtype relative seeding density and ratio, in order to track, analyze and manipulate specific cell types to fit individual projects.


SynFire iN cells represent a versatile in vitro cell system for research and disease modeling. These cells can also be used for compound screening as well as nonclinical safety assessment and chemical neurotoxicity studies.