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Powerful System for CNS Drug Discovery and Safety/Neurotoxicity Assessment 

With the advantages of the SynFire® technology, such as rapid maturation and synaptic competence, our human neural in vitro platforms are uniquely suited for assessing relevant complex electrophysiology readouts, which allows better prediction of drug efficacy and potential CNS safety/toxicology than other systems.

Here are the lab services we offer

Drug discovery and

pre-clinical testing

  • Custom research line iN generation

  • Custom in vitro neural disease modeling

  • Development of neural cell based assays

  • Phenotypic and targeted drug screening

  • Neural subtype specific biochemistry

  • Target identification and validation in biologically relevant tissues

CNS safety/ Neurotoxicity

  • Cell death apoptosis assays

  • Neural network physiology assessment (MEA)

  • Compound seizurogenic potential

  • Neurite outgrowth and morphology evaluations

  • Mechanism of action prediction by gene expression profiling

Our goal is to develop applications, assays and protocols to support clients’ needs using our technology platform. We always start with the questions you are trying to answer. We have the suitable infrastructure to support drug discovery and nonclinical safety assessment from low to high throughput based on the needs of the individual project.

If you are interested in our unique drug discovery and phenotypic screening capabilities, please contact us with your inquiry.

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