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SynFire® Glutamatergic Excitatory Neurons

Pure ready-to-use induced human pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived Glutamatergic excitatory neurons (iNs)


SynFire iNs are generated using a patented procedure for direct reprogramming and exhibit main characteristics of human primary neurons such as expression of typical pan-neuronal markers and complex electrophysiology (e.g., spontaneous/evoked action potentials, synchronized network activity). Neuronal subtype identity of excitatory iN cells has been confirmed by staining and patch clamping.

Highly functional human iPSC-derived neurons are of particular value due to the unavailability of natural sources. SynFire iNs exhibit mature synaptic network activity. Synchronous bursting phenotypes resembling those in rodent primary cultures appear within three to four weeks. This degree of maturation is ideal for higher order electrophysiological studies. SynFire iN cells also represent a versatile in vitro cell system for basic research and disease modeling including in vitro gain-of-function and loss-of-function genetic studies1-3. Moreover, these human iN cells can be used for compound screening applications as well as preclinical safety assessment and chemical neurotoxicity.



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