SynFire® Co-Culture Kit (Basic)

Human SynFire® neurons and astroglia for co-culture studies.

​SynFire iN cells are suitable for a variety of biochemical assays. For example, the effect of compounds on neuronal survival, axonal outgrowth, or dendritic arborization can be measured by standard assessment of viability, or image-based analysis of labeled cells, respectively. When co-cultured with glial cells, effects on synapse formation and composition, transcriptional programs, and electrophysiology can be tested. Neuronal subtypes can be mixed in different ratios for making a defined co-culture for different experimental purposes.


  • ​Product Name: SynFire Co-Culture Kit

  • Size: 1 kit contains:

    • Glutamatergic Excitatory Neurons (>1.5x10e6 )

    • GABAergic Inhibitory Neurons (>1.5x10e6  )

    • Human Astroglia

    • Basal Media

    • Supplement A

    • Supplement B

    • Supplement C

  • Shipping: Dry Ice

  • Custom packaging available. Please inquire.

  • Storage and Stability: Store in gas phase of liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt. This product is stable for 6 months when stored as directed.

  • Quality Control: Neuronal subtype identities have been confirmed by staining and patch clamping.

  • Restricted Use: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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