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Based on the unique SynFire® technology for generating human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived induced neuronal cells (iNs), NeuCyte has developed a proprietary in vitro human neural platform for complex electrophysiological and morphological readouts suited for target identification and validation, efficacy testing and neurotoxicity assessment.

NeuCyte Laboratories is the product and service division of NeuCyte. NeuCyte Labs offers iPSC-derived induced neural cells (SynFire iNs), and drug discovery and nonclinical safety assessment services.

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SynFire iNs are generated using a patented procedure for direct reprogramming and exhibit the main characteristics of human primary neurons. SynFire co-cultures are suitable for a variety of functional assays, including the effect of compounds on neuronal survival, axonal outgrowth, dendritic arborization, synapse formation and composition, network synchrony, expression of specific markers, and more.

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NeuCyte provides SynFire iNs, which are pure, ready-to-use induced human pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived neurons. The different neuronal subtypes include Glutamatergic excitatory iNs, GABAergic inhibitory iNs and astroglia. Such neuronal subtype identities have been well characterized by a comprehensive set of functional assays.

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NeuCyte’s platform is ideal for a wide range of applications, including drug discovery, pre-clinical testing and CNS safety/toxicology. For neurotoxicity assessment, for example, the SynFire cells can be used for cell death, apoptosis, autophagy and mitochondrial activity assays, cell stress tests, neural network physiology assessment, compound seizurogenic potential testing, neurite outgrowth and morphology evaluations and more.

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